March 01, 2004

A quick update on Hamburger politics

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The topic is fairly new to me, since I just moved to live in Hamburg about a year ago. But here is a rough sketch of what is going on in the city at the Elbe.

Yesterday, February 29, 2004, the hamburgers re-elected their mayor, Ole von Beust. Ole, as he is known, led his party, the christian democrats (CDU), to the best result in about 50 years. The social democrat party (SPD), which ruled Hamburg for a long, long time, got its worst showing ever. These results come on the back of a call to early elections by the then Mayor, von Beust. This could not have been easier for Ole. He is a well liked personality in Hamburg. One of the latest incidents which won him a lot of sympathy, was his firing of the controversial and former leader of Law and Order party, Ronald Schill. This political figure was not well liked in the city.....

Ole, has now absolut majority and complete mandate to rule Hamburg. He won about 48% of the vote. This result has Mr. Schroeder, the german chancellor, and his party, thinking twice every move he is thinking of making. The social democrats and the greens in Hamburg are scratching their heads over the fact that they could not together surpass the numbers of the CDU.

Does this mean that Hamburg will become a more business friendly city? Does it mean that Hamburg will be better equiped for international competition? Will it become the international city, it wants to become? will this be better for hamburgers? ...................................................

This is just a matter of commentary, since now I am following German politics closely.