February 22, 2004

The Democratic Primaries and 2004 Elections

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As already stated on Jan. 25, I started following the primary process for the road to the White House in 2004. I thought it is an interesting process.

As we all probably know, the choices have narrowed to Kerry and Edwards. Personally, I thought it was not that surprising, considering that Dean was portrayed as being too far on the left. However, talking after the fact, is very easy and thus I will just let it rest as it is.

As far as Kerry and Edwards, I thought Kerry was the most "presidentiable". Of course, I was very impressed by Clark, but his lack of political experience kept me undecided. But, coming back to Kerry, since there is not too great of a difference between Kerry and Edwards, the decision comes down to who is the most presidentiable and to tell the truth, I see Kerry as the most presidentiable from the two of them.

However, an interesting development just surfaced. It looks like Ralph Nader will also enter the race. I see this as a primarily bad thing. Here is why. I personally agree with Nader's argument that American politics and especially the electoral process, needs a little more variety. That is, probably not too democratic to have only two choices in the ballot. Additionally, the issues Nader brings to the table are also important. So it is good for a third voice to be present in the discussion.

But here is my problem. We are at a time in our history where we, as democrats and undecided voters, have to take power away from the current administration. Mainly because of their approach to foreign policy and their preemptive strike doctrine, by which they base their foreign policy decisions. It is not a matter of the gigantic budget deficit or, not even, of the gradual eroding of our civil liberties. It is a matter of having the sons, brothers, fathers, daughters, sisters, mothers going to WAR to die for a war that should not have been fought in the first place. Therefore, we need all the votes we can have to defeat Bush in the next elections.

The entrance of Nader in the race, further complicates the goal to defeat Bush. The reasons are well known: Nader will take away much needed votes from the democratic candidate. People, liberals, who would vote democrat, will vote Nader if he is present in the ballot. As a result and since it is shaping up to be a very close race, the entrance of Nader into the race will only aid the Bush campaign. And, I don't think that is the aim of Mr. Nader!!!!!!!!