December 03, 2003

Re: The Anatomy of an Article

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Continuing my research, over the last few weeks, I am slowly coming to a couple of themes I want to touch in the article.

First, I want to talk about how democracy in Bolivia is being slowly eroded, which I call, deconstructed, by these popular movements. Mainly, the methods used are totally anti-democractic.

Second, I want to talk about the role the leaders of these popular movements play and what is their impact on the democratic process. Furthermore, what kind of agenda these people have. As I have been able to observe, a pretty racist view. I think their future plans for Bolivia does not include the many light skinned people living in the country.

The next step is already under way. I am in the process of writing the article, which I am hoping to publish in the next couple of weeks. That is if I can find some time to actually sit in front of my computer and write the thing. As you know, Christmas is coming and on top, I am moving........