November 14, 2003

Re: The Anatomy of an Article

Lat-Am Central is a registered TM.

Here are more clues I have gathered and plan to link together. At the very least, they show the various particles of this puzzle.

The Principal actors

- Felipe Quispe - Principal representative of the CSUTCB. He is known as El Mallku, which translated from Aymara means the highest Aymara authority.

- Evo Morales Aima - Political leader of MAS, presidential candidate in elections of 2002, member of the chamber of deputies and leader of the organization representing the Coca growers union (he startes his activism in this group).

- Movimiento al Socialismo - Political arm of the indigenous movement led by Morales Aima.

- CSUTCB - Confederacion Sindical Unica de Trabajadores Campesinos de Bolivia - Organization very similar to a union, which has wide indigenous support.

- MIP - Movimiento Indigena Pachakuti - Political arm of the indigenous movement led by Felipe Quispe.

Organizations with some connections to the social movements

The following organizations' links with the social movements are mostly of support over the Internet.

- Aymara net - Website based in the US dedicated to publish information about the Aymara nation. Is supported by Aymara Alliance, also in the US.

- Nodo50 - Anonimous group of "journalists" publishing, as they call it, independent and alternative articles with revolutionary content.

- Indymedia - Independent Media Center - A descentralized network of journalists based in Seattle, USA, providing space for anti-globalization and anti-neoliberal issues.