November 10, 2003

Headlines Bolivia

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El Diario - Potosi. The Bolivian Senate, in a special session held in Potosi (around 450 Km/290 mi from La Paz), approved 28 of 30 projects considered at that session. The projects are intended to promote growth in an area which is widely perceived as forgotten by the Bolivian government. The president, Carlos Mesa, is expected to sign the projects into law at a special ceremony commemorating the 193 anniversary of the 1810 independence call.

La Prensa - La Paz/Santa Cruz. The Corporation for development of the Andean Region (CAF for its Spanish name) has issued a warning to Bolivia. Because it sees the Bolivian deficit as unsustainable, the CAF called on the Bolivian government to cut spending and the population to pay their taxes. According to the CAF, the burden of the deficit will is damaging to the Bolivian economy.