November 10, 2003

Headline News Argentina

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La Nacion - The Justicialist Party (PJ) pull as surprise win on the gubernatorial elections in the province of Chubut. The justicialist candidate Mario Das Neves won 44% of the vote, against the 42% won by the candidate from the Civic Radical Union (UCR) and current governor José Luis Lizurume. This result ends a decade absence from power by the PJ.

La Nacion - The Ministry of Economics is considering raising the cigarette tax from 67 to 81%. The government is trying to recoup lost revenues from the gradual decline of the taxes on current accounts' debits and credits. Representatives of the tabak industry expressed their intention to directly pass to the customer the whole weight of the tax.

La Nacion - New York. Wall Street Financial Analysts met at the Consejo de las Americas to talk about their next year projections on Latin America. Most analysts expressed their doubt on the Argentinean economy. The consensus was that the economy was in recovery, but its sustainability was yet to be observed.