November 02, 2003

The anatomy of an article

In the recent weeks, I have been reading a lot about the so called "social movement" phenomenon developing in Bolivia. I have come to an intriguing conclusion. These movements are, in first place, very dangerous for the fragile bolivian democracy. And secondly, the protagonists of these movements, are not acting alone. That is to say, they have outside help.

I have come up with many questions regarding this subject. For instance, what do these movements really want? are these peaceful movements or violent actions against democracy? who are their leaders? what is their agenda? what is the agenda of the people who help them behind the scenes? are these people poor and forgotten classes fighting for social justice or are they revolutionaries looking to tople the system?

In this series I will cronicle, outline, and record every step of the research process to write this article. And, ultimately, I will post the entire article. This should be an interesting experience. Hopefully, I will get to exchange opinions with other people. We'll see how it goes.