September 08, 2003

Elections in the province of Santa Fe

General elections in the province of Santa Fe were held over the past weekend. Jorge Obeid, candidate for the governorship of the province, representing the PJ (Partido Justicialista), a populist party founded by Juan Domingo Peron, won the elections with a confortable margin. With 93 per cent of the votes counted, Obeid received 43 Percent and his rival, the socialist Hermes Binner, received about 38 per cent of the popular vote. Elections were relatively normal and peaceful, but this time controversy arose from a law passed in 1990, which adds the total number of votes received by a party and gives them to the candidate with most votes. This way, eventhough Binner was the most voted candidate, Obeid was elected Governor because he received the votes of other justicialist candidates. Another result from this elections is the move of the current governor, also from the PJ, Carlos Reutemann, to his new seat in the senate. This result reaffirms the political clout the PJ has over the government of the province.