September 08, 2003


Invation by Chilean police in Bolivian territory

Government officials of the southern department of Potosi, denounced illegal intrusions in Bolivian territory by Chilean police. A report forwarded to authorities in La Paz, cites that on August 21 several uniformed Chilean personnel were seen in the regions of Sacaya and Playa Verde. According to accounts from people who live in those areas, these incursions are not the only ones. The government of Bolivia as well as the Ministry of Defence want to start the pertinent investigation procedures into the incursions.

Legalization of smuggled vehicles

A national program, directed by the Bolivian revenue service, is being implemented. This program centers on the legalization of smuggled vehicles by paying taxes on their estimated value. This is the latest attempt by the government to raise revenue and legalize the estimated hundreds of thousand illegal vehicles driving on the streets of Bolivian cities.